Video testimonial

— Suzanne and Dawn Mendoca

Video testimonial

— Natalie Kerwin

I really enjoyed the course. Practically half of the training was familiar to me. The other half was similar with a different style with the Freestyle Syllabus and it was refreshing to learn something different. Lauren is brilliant at the Freestyle work. The theory side of the course was amazing. I received all of the knowledge I should know for teaching dance and more. I think you and Lauren did your very best. Thank you for being so fantastic. I look forward to hearing from you.

— Lisa McDonald

Video testimonial

— Lauren Fletcher and Sophie Eaton-Lees

The thought of writing a business plan has put me off from pursuing my dream. After a brief conversation with Leanne she encouraged me to try completing it in small steps. After numerous emails back and forth Leanne took me through it at my own pace and made it as simple as possible. Not only do I have a business plan but my idea has been shortlisted for a business award. An idea which wouldn't even have been on paper if it wasn't for her!

— Laura McBean

Video testimonial

— Katie Prior

Dance-Training was an amazing experience; I travelled from Manchester to London to complete my IDTA teacher’s qualification. I needed my qualification as I was starting up my own dance school. What could have been a very long and expensive process was reduced to a weekend in London, and a couple of month’s revision before my exam. I met teachers in the same position as me and now, I have connections with other successful teachers and choreographers in London. The course was enjoyable. Leanne was so helpful, not only with gaining the qualification but in setting up my school. Keeping in touch with her and the other teachers has benefited my business more than I thought possible. In the space of two years. I have grown my own dance classes, with 80 plus students who participate in examinations, shows, carnivals and competitions. Many of my dancers secured the North West Champion Title at the recent IDTA North West street dance qualifier. Through my qualification, I was also offered a day time job working for my local council, teaching children dance within schools as part of the national curriculum, this has fed into my private classes and my dream to teach dance has exploded! I’m completely in love with my job and ever since I was a child have known this is what I want to do. There are not many people that can say they do what they love and get paid for it. I recommend this to anyone who has a passion for teaching dance. My student teachers will be taking their teachers qualification through Leanne in the near future. Thank you 'Dance-Training'!

— Jennifer Lynch

Leanne Pero is a gift from God. She is one of the reasons I am self employed today. If I have from the smallest of questions to the biggest of questions, there is not nothing Leanne does not know. She has been in the industry since aged sixteen, I believe from when I met her. She's always on call checking up when needed and always giving inspirational advice. Leanne is someone who is all about empowering others and setting fire under bums to make sure they use their potential to its full capacity. She is the only person who I feel is the true example of building from the ground up.

— Jason A Cameron – Waack and Vogue Fitness

Video testimonial

— Imogen Rothwell

The IDTA course training with Dance-Training.co.uk has been a huge benefit to us at DanceFit Cardiff. It has enabled us to gain a deeper understanding when teaching our classes, as well as added benefits for the pupils, such as examinations and performance opportunities. Since attending the training, we have had more success in the competitions we have entered, plus the pupils have improved their performance skills. It has also put the parents at ease knowing that their children are being taught by skilled professionals.

— Holly Parker

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